The Challenge will start May 14, 2018


Healthy eating is one of the biggest challenges we all face on our journey to a healthier lifestyle. We stress about what, when and how to eat. It gets even more complicated when we get derailed once on a path and then start to feel guilty for not being “good.” What about if there was a simple method to keep us on track and a way for us to get ourselves back in the game?

At Fusionary Formulas we are inspired by the idea of “rituals, regimens and habits” that are strongly rooted in Ayurveda to help guide us in our quest to eating better.   Join our 21 Day Healthy Food Challenge and get into the habit of healthy eating.

On this 21 Day Healthy Food Challenge we invite you to

  1. Take your Fusionary Formulas Regimen Twice a Day Every Day
  2. Get prepared for healthy eating
  3. Develop a meal plan
  4. Learn what you have to do to stay on track

It takes 21 Days to change a habit! Let’s do it!

Hosted by Fusionary Formulas – Follow Us to enjoy the challenge with everyone!

The Winner will be announced: June 3, 2018

The Prize: Over $250 in Healthy Prizes!!!

Make sure you are following the hosts and that your Instagram account is public to qualify! You can also share in the FB Group!

To be part of the challenge and eligible for the prize:

  • First go to FusionaryFormulas.com, purchase any regimen, and at checkout click the “YES! I want to join the Challenge” box. Now you’re in! And you’ll be receiving emails about how to get prepared and started.
  • Repost the challenge and invite your friends – the more the merrier!
  • Follow Fusionary Formulas on Facebook and Join the Fusionary Formulas Community to stay in the loop!

Once the challenge has started:

  • The daily activity choices are:
  • Post a pic of your healthy clean eating from the program in our Private FB Group or email us at info@fusionaryformulas.com for those not on Social Media!
  • Include the hashtag #TransformWithFusionary #FusionaryFormulas
  • Be available for 3 online phone calls.
  • Bonus Points: post pics with FF bottles or product in pics, share and engage.

There is nothing more beautiful than creating a habit that can truly transform your whole life, your whole being, your outlook, and your overall happiness, so have fun with this!!