Shivani Gupta


If there were one word to describe Shivani Gupta, owner and founder of Fusionary Formulas, it would be passionate. But to try to and quantify the impact Shivani has already made on the world, in one word only, would be nearly impossible. For she is a visionary, with a determination to heal the world, and she has only just begun.

Growing up the daughter of two hardworking and self-made parents, Shivani was introduced to Ayurvedic medicine and the powers of holistic healing from a very young age.

With a diabetic mother, and a father with a strong respect for the medical profession and the power of vitamins, it is no wonder that Shivani felt the need to develop a career focused on helping others. From a very young age, she felt the calling from the depths of an empathetic and compassionate soul, to help those who were suffering in any way. It was this need to care for and help others, coupled with her natural entrepreneurial spirit that led her on a path of healing, educating, and empowering others to care for their health in natural and effective ways. Shivani grew up visiting some of the best Ayurvedic spas around the world, with a curiosity and a quest for knowledge as strong as her desire to help the world around her.

Honoring this calling, Shivani chose the country’s number one college for entrepreneurship, Babson College, in Massachusetts. Taking a special liking to social entrepreneurship because of it’s promise to finding solutions to problems plaguing society, Shivani created a powerful panel on the field for the school to experience before graduating with a degree in both entrepreneurship and global marketing. As a recognized leader in her class, she was acknowledged by the President of Babson at her commencement ceremony, for playing an active role in bridging cultures and classmates together. In addition to her degree from Babson, Shivani obtained a Masters in Ayurvedic Studies from the Hindu University of America (HUA) and is pursuing her doctorate in Ayurvedic Studies at this time.

Today, as Shivani watches all of her hopes and dreams come to fruition with the creation of Fusionary Formulas, she is feeling a strong sense of pride and accomplishment. She is not only proud of having developed a line of supplements with the finest quality ingredients found anywhere in the world – she is fulfilled by her ability to fuse her love of ancient Indian and Ayurvedic medicine with modern science, a marriage this world has been missing out on until now. As part of her commitment to giving back, Fusionary Formulas has joined forces with “Vitamin Angels,” a nonprofit organization that brings vitamins to mothers and children in need, just 25 cents helping to prevent a child from going blind for one year. Shivani proudly donates $1 from every bottle of Fusionary Formulas purchased to Vitamin Angels.