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Reduce inflammation, stop craving sugar, and reduce stress on the body with our Premium Performance Regimen.

  • Turmeric Gold, helps fight disease by reducing inflammation as we age
  • Optimal Performance has Ashwagandha, a must to help your body feel good and adapt to life’s daily stresses
  • Carb Control has Gymnema Sylvestre, a plant that reduces your cravings for carbs and sugars allowing you to make healthier choices during the day. Never feel like cheating again!
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Product Description

 Product Description:

In Ayurveda, we layer different herbs to help support and protect the body naturally as we age. Our Premium Performance Regimen is our creme de la creme herbal solution designed to help you reduce inflammation, eat less sugar, and not let stress take a toll on your body as we age.  

Developed to increase stamina and endurance, our energizing formula helps you remain stronger for longer while fighting the harmful effects of oxidative stress, inflammation, sugar, and hormonal imbalances.

  • Our Turmeric Gold contains 98% Curcuminoids, the most potent on the market.  When people want a powerful anti-inflammatory and powerful preventive, they come to US!
  • Carb Control is helping people make better food choices every day.  This proprietary blend helps reduce cravings for carbs and sugar so you never feel like cheating again.
  • Ashwagandha in Optimal Performance helps improve thyroid function, boost immunity, balances hormones (for men and women) and reduce depression or anxiety.

Key Ingredients in Turmeric Gold:

  • Curcumin:  Fights inflammation, powerful antioxidant reducing free radical damage of healthy cells, guards against osteoporosis, accelerates muscle recovery.
  • Turmeric:  Alleviates pain, swelling, and inflammation.
  • BioPerine:  Promotes nutrient absorption and bioavailability.

Key Ingredients To Help Curb your Carbs

  • Gymnema Sylvestre: Helps lower blood sugar and A1C levels, helps to repair cells in the pancreas
  • Embelia Ribes: Expels excess water from the body
  • Guggulu:  Boosts metabolism, helps reduce inflammation, lubricates and detoxifies joints.
  • Vrikshamla (Garcinia Cambogia): The active ingredient (HCA) is believed to inhibit the production of both fat and cholesterol in the event of excessive caloric intake, also suppresses appetite
  • Triphala: Aids in digestion
  • Dry Ginger: Anti-inflammatory
  • Cinnamon: Speeds metabolism, fights bacterial and fungal growth
  • Turmeric: Reduces inflammation, pain and swelling in joints
  • Gurmar: in Hindi means “destroyer of sugar.” It slows the absorption of sugar, thereby preventing fluctuations in glucose levels
  • Fenugreek: suppresses cravings, boosts energy and helps to increase muscle strength

Key Ingredients for Optimal Performance:

  • Ashwagandha: Stimulates ATP and helps the body cope with physical stress
  • Vidari: Encourages healthy muscle growth, increases blood circulation
  • Masha: Rich in calcium helps regulate body fluids
  • Bala: Enhances energy, concentration and focus, fat burning properties, makes breathing easier and fights fatigue
  • Amla: strengthens muscles, builds lean muscle mass, and reduces excess cholesterol buildup, has ample vitamin C
  • Turmeric: Prevents inflammation, helps reduce joint pain and swelling
  • Fenugreek: boosts energy and suppresses cravings. Helps increase muscle strength
  • Pippali:  helps to eliminate excess body weight by digesting fat tissue toxins

Important Product Details

  • This product does not contain: soy, wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, artificial colors, flavors, sugars, or preservatives
  • If pregnant, nursing, taking blood-thinning or other medications, consult a healthcare professional before use.
  • This formulation is better if taken before a meal, such as breakfast or dinner.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.   These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  •      Manufactured in the USA in a GMP compliant/FDA-approved facility
  •      Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials
  •      Produced under our own SOPs that meet or exceed FDA GMP requirements
  •      Every batch tested to ensure purity and potency specifications are met
  •      Specific product testing is listed in the Certificate of Quality
  •      Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

“Start incorporating Premium Performance Regimen with a healthy diet and exercise to live a long, healthy, balanced life!”

Science + Studies

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  4.   ginger and other multi-ingredients.pdf
  5.   herbs.pdf

Additional Information

Replenishment Interval

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  1. Sharon Persaud

    “I began taking the Premium Performance Regimen a few months ago after I heard Shivani speak at the Office Depot Women’s Symposium. I am amazed at the change it has made to my overall sense of well being! I used to be a “sugar junkie” craving sweets and chocolate all the time. To my surprise my craving for sugary foods diminished. My days are filled with a more “energetic me.” I have more endurance at the gym and best of all my muscles seem to repair themselves much faster, so there’s no need to skip a few days to heal! The high quality and potency of these supplements is why I chose this incredible line of supplements – It is one of the best decisions I have made to honor and fuel my body!” -Sharon Persaud, Jupiter FL

  2. Izy Diaz Haledon

    “My name is Izdy Diaz Haledon. I am a physical therapist assistant. I was first introduced to Fusionary Formulas Turmeric Gold by a coworker of mine who uses it as well. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis on April 28, 2015, and was kind of dealing with symptoms such as double vision, vertigo, aches and pains, and some overall fatigue. I am on medication and supplements to kind of help me with my energy and I just felt like something was missing, so in desperation, I started taking the Turmeric Gold, and within 48 hours, I started to feel much better. I noticed that my double vision was subsiding and my overall vertigo and fatigue had minimized, my energy levels had come up, and I was able to function more throughout the day. I was doing so well in fact that I was having to see my neurologist actually every four months for blood work and just kind of monitoring my fatigue levels, and just recently here December, I was told that I should only be seen now every six months because I am much more stable than ever. It has definitely helped me so much that my husband can even see a difference when I run out. I do get more fatigued, I am noticing that I cannot get through the day as well until I get my Turmeric Gold back into my system. I have experienced all the positives of the Turmeric Gold with, like I said, energy levels and just overall an improvement of my activities of daily living and just feeling normal again, so the Turmeric Gold has definitely worked out for me.” -Izy Diaz Haledon, Physical Therapy Assistant, Ft. Lauderdale

  3. Kamille Dawn Tirzah

    “I always crave something sweet after dinner and also I struggle with night-time eating. Taking Fusionary Formula’s Carb Control Formula kicks my sugar cravings to the curb!!… I don’t even crave fruit when I take the product. I love this formula and highly recommend it as a tool along with following a healthy nutrition plan.” -Kamille Dawn Tirzah – Weight Loss and Health Coach.

  4. Lauren Malis

    “Hi, I am Lauren Malis. I am the publisher of Palm Beach Woman magazine, and we were really excited to feature Shivani on Ayurvedic medicine in our magazine feature in one of our issues, and she is a contributor all the time for us, now on turmeric, Ayurvedic medicine, health and well-being. I love Fusionary Formulas. I have been taking it. I broke my leg two years ago, and I have been taking it for about a year and it created such a wellness in my body, I cannot go without my Turmeric Gold every single day. I love it so much, and I also take Bone Support and the Carb Control and that is really making a big difference for me.” -Lauren Malis, Published Palm Beach Woman Magazine

  5. Cody Cooper

    “Hi! I am Cody Cooper here at Boca Town Center, Athleta. I have been taking the Elite Athlete Formula (NOTE: Renamed Optimal Performance) for probably a little over a month now, super-rated product. You could use some. Really amazing drive, focus in the gym, gives you that endurance that you really need when you really want to push that workout. I started taking it probably about 30 minutes before my workout starts. I take one in the morning with all my other Fusionary Formulas supplements and then I will take this 30 minutes before my workout. It makes a complete game changer out of your workout, so be sure to check it out.” -Cody Cooper, General Manager, Athleta

  6. Holly Green

    “Okay, so, I have been using the Fusionary Formulas for quite a while. I started testing them out on my patients as an acupuncturist and started getting really good results especially with some joint inflammation that my massage therapist had and some other patients with arthritis and things like that. I have to attend a big event Friday in July, so I did start working out and started taking the Elite Athlete formula, missed it for a few days and noticed a significant difference. So, in the last six months, we have had so many patients put on the turmeric and all the different herbs and they are all loving it and they just think it is a fantastic product and Shivani has just done a fantastic job with her company, so I look forward to more in future, expanding with their products and getting them to all my patients.” -Holly Green, Acupuncturist + NMT, Delray Beach

  7. Marie R

    “At 42 years old I began feeling aches and pains that needed some attention. I decided to try Fusionary Formulas because of its high potency and quality and it has changed my life.

    It has improved by inflammation and has strengthened my immune system. I liked it so much that I have tried other formulas in the line and have been very satisfied with all of them. I have recommended Fusionary Formulas to all of my friends and family. Everyone is thrilled!” -Marie R

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