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Fusionary Formulas will make a donation to Vitamin Angels for every purchase of supplements from our website.  Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization distributing vitamins and minerals to children and mothers in need.


  • Millions of children around the world are suffering from under-nutrition. While many are receiving enough calories to survive, their diets often lack the essential vitamins and minerals they need to have a healthy and productive life.
  • Under-nutrition is the single most common cause of preventable childhood deaths.
  • Though under-nutrition can seem an enormous problem, the solution is simple—get vitamins to mothers and children in need.
  • Vitamin supplementation is the most immediate and cost-effective investment you can make to improve the health of children worldwide.
  • Vitamin Angels cost to reach one child for one year with life changing vitamins is approximately 25 cents.

Fusionary Formulas and Vitamin Angels believe that with your help we can end under-nutrition.  Join us today!

Help Change Lives

You can make a big difference!  When you buy supplements from Fusionary Formulas, you’ll help provide vitamins that may prevent blindness and other serious conditions in undernourished children around the world.

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Vitamin A to save the day

The communities we help face complex challenges related to infrastructure, environment, or cultural taboos that require equally complex solutions. The vitamin A we provide to children is an immediate and proven solution to a life-threatening condition. Healthy children are better prepared to tackle life’s challenges.


Children only need one dose of vitamin A every 6 months.

Vitamin Angels Foundation | Fusionary Formulas Turmeric SupplementsESSENTIAL FOR GROWTH

Vitamin A is a nutrient necessary for growth and development.

upward arrowEASY TO GIVE

We’re giving vitamin A to more than 40 million children worldwide.


“The impact of this single supplementation on childhood mortality

is as great or greater than that of any one vaccine.”

World Health Organization

Your purchase makes a difference.





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