Modern Ayurveda –  for improving our Mind, Body, and Energy

Modern Ayurveda is a simple and easy way to implement healthy, conscious living to your daily routine. Taking care of your body in a ritualistic way, starting from the inside, can help you stay young, healthy, and vibrant.

Since eating a whole food diet is not always 100 percent possible, following morning lifestyle rituals, annual natural detoxes, and taking daily herbs and supplements can help keep our body, mind, and spirit aligned and in balance. For example, high quality turmeric is used as an anti-cancer and inflammation reducer. Reducing your environmental toxins is also important.

Be warned, there are no “quick fixes” as Ayurveda is a way of life rather than a short term intervention.  There are also not many “one-size-fits-all” solutions. It takes time to discover the art of living in harmony with nature.


Ten Daily Modern Ayurveda Rituals to Prevent Disease

Here are 10 daily Modern Ayurveda steps you can take every morning to prevent disease with Ayurveda:

  1. Use a tongue cleaner twice daily to reduce aam (toxins) in the body
  2. Do Pranayama, meditation, or yoga every day to balance the body, mind, and spirit
  3. Add a mindfulness ritual daily to cue yourself to calm and re-center yourself: tea time, grateful journal, grateful jar, journal about your feelings
  4. Take excellent supplements or herbs that support your lifestyle
  5. Avoid frozen food, leftovers, using the microwave, eat fresh whole foods as much as possible
  6. Eat according to your Dosha, bring your Dosha back into balance
  7. Use ghee, butter, and healthy fats in your diet
  8. Dry brush, Abhyanga massage (self-body massage), and oil massage to the head can be very beneficial
  9. Use natural skincare, beauty care, and cleaning products as much as possible
  10. Self Care is key.  Add in moments for yourself every day and every week to take care of yourself, indulge yourself, increasing your energy, and vitality, so you can share the most joyous, vibrant, light, happy version of yourself with the world.


If you feel out of balance with your health, first find out what your Dosha is—your natural constitution. Then, follow the Modern Ayurveda Morning Rituals to create a healthy routine in your diet and lifestyle based on the Dosha. Finally, add Ayurvedic herbal supplements, home remedies, or mindfulness habits to your day. An Ayurvedic Practitioner can help you assess your dosha and consult you with a personalized Ayurvedic regimen that suits your health and lifestyle goals.